Who We Are



Election Justice USA is a national volunteer organization consisting of passionate election integrity activists, statisticians, attorneys, technologists and journalists who are fighting for the restoration of our democracy in the United States.

We are a non-partisan organization advocating for voters' rights and standing against election fraud and voter suppression in all forms. Throughout the 2016 Presidential Primaries, EJUSA has been working to combat unprecedented levels of fraud and voter suppression through legal battles in several states and at the federal level. We are also striving to educate the public about voter rights and election integrity issues.

Our goal is to spark greater active participation in the democratic process. To that end we generate educational material regarding voter rights, the election process, individual state procedures and methods to counteract issues.   Ultimately, we want to enable election integrity and reform to foster a system that lets the majority of votes nominate our elected officials.

EJUSA understands the importance that traditional and social media play in getting information to the public and is building a joint strategy to create as much visibility as possible. From our youtube channel, we broadcast regularly and provide a voice and a platform for anyone who supports the ideals of democracy and freedom from governmental suppression.

Another pillar in the organization is the data analytics and report/testimonial collection from hundreds of disenfranchised voters. Gathering evidence, testimonies and affidavits from individuals, collecting data from likeminded organization as well as conducting Freedom of Information Act requests, EJUSA is a central hub for data collection and analysis.


Lastly, EJUSA is spearheading legal action to not only thwart unfair elections, but also continually bring to light what is happening throughout the United States. The 2016 primary season is not a few isolated incidents, but a prolific, diverse wide spread situation that has occurred in state after state with dozens of results falling far outside the acceptable margin of error of election result tabulation. The irregularities are the norm, not the exception.

Our job is just beginning and our time to take a stand is now!  United we stand!