What We Do

Our mission is to make sure each American's right to vote can be exercised without issue. We have only begun to unite for the fight on the following fronts:

  • Voter Education
  • Voter Activism
  • Aggregating Voter Testimonials
  • Data Collection and Statistical Analysis
  • Legal Recourse
  • Election Reform

Voter Education

Safeguarding election integrity depends on an informed public. EJUSA works to arm the public with information about voting rights and threats on a state by state basis. This includes each state’s current process, potential loopholes, latest changes and ongoing news. EJUSA uses traditional media, social media, well-sourced articles, original research material and information gathered from both citizens and institutional sources to keep the public up to date.

Voter Activism

We are activating and mobilizing the public, creating a mass movement focused on election reform. We encourage citizens to get involved in their Board of Election’s operations and hold those officials accountable. Current issues of concern include: lengthy requirements for registration, illegal voter purges, voter confusion, voter suppression, registration tampering, targeted poll closings, and insecure electronic voting machines.

Our organization helps people become more informed about our elections. They can then disseminate accurate information in their personal circles and on social media; develop small action-groups to establish and achieve specific goals; develop ongoing collaborative relationships with local election officials; petition elected officials for legislation; become a poll watcher or hand-count participant; capture exit poll details and election results as they are announced; and otherwise increase citizen control of our democracy.

Aggregating Voter Testimonials

One of the most effective way to know if our elections are working well is to ask voters how the process is working for them. EJUSA has collected voter testimonials from thousands of voters claiming they were disenfranchised in myriad ways. Our tools include an easy-to-use online form through which voters can quickly lodge their complaints before, during and after an election, giving us the ability to track and address developing issues in real time. Our forms are designed to be quickly translated into legal affidavits if it becomes necessary to initiate legal action to provide relief for disenfranchised voters.

Data Collection and Statistical Analysis

Another cornerstone of EJUSA is the focus on data and statistics. Using a protocol that requires independent replication of every analysis, we have produced compelling evidence that is being presented in our reports and will be parlayed into court action.

The election forensics team at EJUSA is comprised of statisticians, analysts, journalists and academics who are die-hard data junkies. They are committed to an evidence-based approach of monitoring election results through analysis of election night results, certified totals, voter registration lists, demographic and census data and documents obtained through Freedom of Information Requests, like individual machine results.

Legal Action

The legal battles are as challenging as getting mainstream media to air the issues and getting the Board of Elections offices to enable fair and easy voting. The bureaucratic machine attempting to control outcomes does not make it easy to fight for fairness in court. At EJUSA, we will continue the actions despite the difficulty. Legal strategy from past experience plays an important part of overcoming these obstacles. We intend to assist any attorneys who are looking for support from compelling statistical evidence to public relations outreach.

Election Reform

EJUSA is focused on multiple strategies to affect change. These include legal, educational and press areas that are dedicated to the ongoing battle to restore democracy. Potential endeavors include the following facets:


  • Disrupted two party system opening up to additional parties and independents
  • Automatic registration with same-day party affiliation
  • Voter Rights Act legislation
  • National Voting Day
  • Elimination of unsecured electronic voting machines
  • Fully transparent ballot tabulation
  • Public campaign financing
  • National mandatory civics curriculum
  • Open primaries to allow independents to participate in primary elections.
  • End the Electoral College
  • Equality with voting rights and voter ID laws
  • Standardization for federal elections
  • Complete visibility to election results and exit polls
  • Automatic investigation upon evidence of election fraud thru exit polls and/or massive reports of tampering