Protecting your voice in our Democracy!


Election Justice USA is a national coalition of election integrity activists, statisticians, attorneys, technologists, journalists and documentarians focused on restoring a true democracy in America. The events that occurred on March 22, 2016 in Maricopa County, AZ were the catalyst to formulate the organization. The election process is the cornerstone for our democracy in selecting the politicians who pass the proper legislation to justly govern our country. It is key to achieving a system that is of the people, by the people, for the people.

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EJUSA aims to educate to foster activism and spearhead electoral reform to which a true democracy can prevail. Using traditional and social media to spread awareness and a journalist platform to provide a voice to any individual or organization championing the restoration of our democracy. EJUSA is also a central hub to collect testimonials, free of information acts data collection, conduct digital forensics and produce analytics reports. This arm supports investigating election fraud and filing the appropriate legal recourse to affect change.

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The best ways to participate are volunteerism and donations. You can do more than just watch from the sidelines. It is all of our job now to get every American active in our political revolution. We are at critical juncture in how we interact with each other and the world. None of us can afford complacency. Let us know about your talents or donate a few dollars. Every dollar or hour you contribute is movement in the right direction. A major overhaul of the electoral process is needed. This is just the beginning and the only way the change will occur is with your help!

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